10 Different Coins from France. Old Collectible Money from the French Republic.

10 Different Coins from France. Old Collectible Money from the French Republic.

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10 DIFFERENT COINS FROM THE FRENCH REPUBLIC. Old collectible coins were picked before Euro from these numismatic periods: Fifth Republic (1959-2002) and Fourth Republic (1944-1959). Each bag may have different combinations of coins. You may receive French coins from 5 centimes to 10 francs. On the French coins, you may find the traditional symbols of France:

The Sower (la semeuse) is the image of a young woman standing with her hair shaped in the style of the Phrygian cap, holding a bag of grain in her left hand and scattering wheat. She was created in 1897 by Oscar Roty as a symbol of the energy and vigor of the French people.se pictures:  10 francs coin symbolizes a map of metropolitan with flashes pointing to Paris. The coin represents the change of France from tradition to modernity, showing a modern country of energy and technology.

The rooster is one of the most identifiable symbols of France. It has been used intermittently since medieval times on France engravings and coins. It saw its popularity rise during the French Revolution as a sign of France’s identity, and today is one of the most widely recognized symbols, especially in the realm of sports.

Head of Liberty. The national motto of France is "Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite" (liberty, equality, fraternity). The origin is ambiguous & heavily disputed, but it is believed to have surfaced during the French Revolution as a mix of slogans used at the time. It was officially institutionalized under the 3rd Republic in the late 1900s and is seen inscribed on buildings in France as early as the 1880s. It is protected under the French Constitution.

The wreath of wheat (gerbe de blé) is symbolizing harvest and abundance, with its tied, knotted stems symbolizing convergence. The symbol harks back to the famine and starvation of the revolutionary years. In 1848, some representations of Marianne carried this symbol instead of the Phrygian cap.

PERFECT FOR SMALL INVESTMENT. Foreign currency has a residual value. The number of coins from around the world is decreasing and coins value is increasing every year.

GET COINS IN GOOD CONDITION. Please note, foreign coins were circulated for a long time. Old coins denominations, condition and year may vary. The coins may have scratches, dirt or damage from oxidation. No extremely worn coins!

THESE FOREIGN COINS COMES IN A SEALED AND LABELED BAGS WITH NATIONAL ATTRIBUTES AND DECORATIONS. Good for educational projects to help children learn about other nations or just having the fun of sorting through a pile of world coins.

ADD TO YOUR COIN COLLECTION OR GIVE AS A SPECIAL GIFT. If you’d like to surprise a friend or relative with a unique gift for birthday, anniversary or wedding – world coins collection could be just the thing.


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